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This is an opportunity to schedule a phone consultation to help us get to know YOU and YOUR goals.

We only work with those who are ready to take action today and see results each day thereafter.

Are you ready to level up your life, feel empowered, gain self-confidence and look great through sustainable lifestyle changes involving exercise, nutrition and mindset?

If so, this is YOUR first step to taking action towards cultivating the life of your dreams!

Countries we service at the moment:
– US
– Canada
– UK
– Australia
– Ireland

Make sure you’re:

  • Willing to schedule a 45-60 min call.
  • Willing to learn, listen, be open to new ideas and suggestions and to communicate with your coach.
  • Willing to invest in your health and fitness.
  • Ready to take action on the call.
  • Be 25+
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If yes, is your partner/or parent(s) available to be on the call with you?*
At the end of your free consultation call, if we think you’re ready and a good fit we will offer you a place on our 1:1 coaching programme The Better Body Project. If you feel coaching with The Lyfestyle Project is right for you, are you able to make a decision on the call to invest and secure your place on the programme?*