Best Healthy Restaurants In Cobham

Best Restaurants Cobham

The Best  Restaurants Cobham (for your fat loss goals)

Just because you’re trying to eat healthily and achieve weight loss doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Cobham’s best cuisines.

Are you trying to lose weight but you and your partner want to go out for some healthy food locally? You’re in luck. There are loads of protein-packed meals across a variety of restaurants in Cobham catering for those on a calorie-conscious health kick, diet or detox (screw the detox bit). 

We’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Cobham, including spots for vegan eats and sushi spots. Plus, we’ve also chucked in a through regular spots that offer healthier dishes, so you don’t have to say goodbye to your gluttonous dining pals altogether. Clean eating can still be a little bit dirty.

The Best Restaurants Cobham

(And how to navigate their menus)

The Ivy Cobham Brasserie

(At the far end of Cobham Highstreet)

The Ivy Cobham Brasserie is one of our personal favourites. It brings an air of quality but without the extreme price tag you could be seeing up in London.

Often incredibly busy at peak times so we advise that you book.

We can’t comment on breakfast as we have never had The Ivy’s breakfast however… below is our take on their dinner and lunch menu with healthy recommendations.

best restaurants cobham


We advise all of our 1-2-1 clients when eating out to pick 2 vices. Are you going to have;

Starter + Main

Main + Dessert

Main + Booze

The choice is yours, however, if you are going starter we have 2 recommendations for you

Steak Tartare 

You can’t go too wrong with some raw red meat served with egg yolk and onions. Although we can’t comment on the leanness of the beef, we are essentially after a little protein hit (tick) pre-main whilst keeping the dish as lean as possible.

No sauce, oil, etc.

If you like your red meat you will not be disappointed by The Ivy’s steak tartare.

Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio 

Again… trying to keep the starter as lean as possible whilst enjoying some amazing flavours along with a healthy dose of protein.

The tuna carpaccio is truly one of our favourite starters at The Ivy and we can’t recommend it enough.


Fillet Steak

Whenever going out for dinner opting for meals that are as plain as possible with single ingredients like a steak is always a recipe for success.

The Ivy although not the best steak we’ve ever eaten… is still up there with one of the best mains on the menu in terms of the healthy scale.

Pair it with the baked sweet potato and peas, sugar snaps and baby shoots sides and you are onto a serious winning formula to help you continue losing weight whilst enjoy The Ivy Cobham.

Blackened Cod Fillet 

You could be super boring and have a roasted half chicken but let’s at least try and keep this fun and entertaining.

The Blackened Cod Fillet is a spectacular dish on the menu, served with grilled broccoli. A decent serving of lean protein and cooked in a way that doesn’t add silly amounts of calories. We are trying to avoid dishes like deep fried, tempura, etc. 

If you don’t want a steak and you fancy something a little different we’d highly recommend the Blackened Cod.

There are also other dishes on the Menu that are certainly viable for health conscious people. However… Those are our two favourites.

When it comes to dessert there is no point in ruining it by getting a dreadful healthy dessert…

Does anything like that actually exist?

Just order the APPLE TART FINE and enjoy every bite.

The Ivy Cobham Brasserie gets a 4.5/5 from us and a very good date spot (just saying).

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Japanese Grill Beaverbrook

Rather than breaking down the entire menu of Beaverbrook as it is more of a order a few dishes and share, we’ll give you some tips on how to eat at probably one of the best Japanese restaurants outside of London.

When eating at a Japanese there are a few things to think about:

Tempting tempura – Avoid tempura, it only means fried!

Go raw – Sashimi and Nigiri, while not your traditional rolls, are a great low-calorie and high protein way to enjoy your sushi without the fillers.

Spice smart – Add wasabi and ginger to taste the heat without adding calories with spicy mayo.

Don’t be special – Specialty rolls are typically overstuffed and contain empty fillers like mayo and/or cream cheese. Keep it simple!

Japanese as a cuisine can be incredibly healthy and you can enjoy a decent amount of food without blowing up your calorie allowance for the day.

Beaverbrook gets a 5/5 from us and a very good date spot (just saying).

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FEGO - Restaurant Cobham

best restaurants cobham

This might be slightly biased as this is probably one of our favourite breakfast spots and one we write a lot of blog posts, social media captions and more importantly 1-2-1 clients nutrition from.

So… slightly biased. But, either way, you can enjoy a good breakfast without blowing up your waistline.

The only problem with Fegos Cobham is that all menu items as individual ingredients are amazing and nutrient dense but when combined in the wrong ways, can produce some crazy calorie bomb meals.

Rather than picking from the menu the team at Fegos are amazing at accommodating your requests.

Opt for meals such as:

Brown toast + poached eggs + smoked salmon

Some incredibly nutrient dense ingredients without the oil from a friend egg, without the crazy calories from an avocado.

Get customising those breakfast meals to really enjoy yourself.

Our only grumble - don’t get sold by the “HEALTHY BREAKFASTS” they are all pretty high calorie and are just used as a bit of a marketing spin to get you to buy them.

Feel free to go and enjoy a little sociable breakfast here but… don’t go nailing the Nutella Milkshake and avocado on toast with eggs and salmon thinking it’s healthy.

Fegos gets a 4 out of 5 from us… the best breakfast spot in town.

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Good Earth - Esher

best restaurants cobham

Yes… we know it’s not technically Cobham however it is only down the road and well, everyone loves a Chinese so… we thought we better include it.

Again Chinese is a massive menu and you are always going to order and share so, rather than breaking down the entire menu of The Good Earth as it is more of a order a few dishes and share, we’ll give you some tips on how to eat at probably one of the best Chinese restaurants outside of London.

Eat like Buddha – Buddha’s feast, or any mixed steam vegetable starter is always a great choice! Moo Shoo and Chop Suey are veggie plentiful as well.

Words to avoid – Kung Pao, BBQ, General Tso’s, Sweet and Sour. These are typically very heavy and loaded with sugar.

Main it up – Miso soup, fresh spring rolls (not egg rolls or fried spring rolls – just ask), and steamed pot stickers or dumplings can make for a healthy meal.

Tea time – Enjoy the green tea before and while you dine. It will help fill you up but also gives a great flavour.

Sauce this way – Ask for light/half on the sauces or, better, yet, get them on the side.

Chinese as a cuisine can be incredibly calorie dense however, it is a very good cuisine to enjoy. So… use the tips above ^^^ to help you go and enjoy The Good Earth or a takeaway.

The Good Earth gets a 5/5 from us and a very good Friday night spot.

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PS: I know this HOPEFULLY goes without saying, but this is the internet: I totally get that this issue is very complicated to begin with. If you have any hormonal imbalances, PCOS or are on any medications that could be affecting your weight. 

PLEASE speak with your doctor about your weight and any changes you are looking to make!

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