"I'd been a dancer my whole life and then I stopped. I put on enough weight to make me feel uncomfortable and I wanted a change. However, I was scared to ask for help from anyone, because in the dancing world there is no help. It's just eat less and dance more. I found The Lyfestyle Project through instagram and reached out from there. They spoke to me about how they normally approach nutrition for clients and the fact that they needed to educate me around certain subjects before moving to the next point. They helped me drop 4 dress sizes and put on tons of muscle on my bum. But, best of all, their nutrition education has enabled me to move to Dubai and still stay on track.”


"I was struggling to lose the body fat around my stomach and every time I dieted I just had no muscle underneath. I reached out to The Lyfestyle Project purely because they seemed to have a team of experts, but, people that understood me and actually wanted to help. Straight away they onboarded me into their client system which was very sleek and something I hadn't seen before. Not only did they make the whole experience seemless, but, they actually gave me some numbers and reports. It's always nice to be able to look back and actually see the progress you've made rather than just hearing someone say "well done." I would highly recommend The Lyfestyle Project to anyone looking for that helping hand from a team that actually care.”


"I found The Lyfestyle Project after I came across their blog post on binge eating. I didn't have a binge eating disorder but my relationship with food wasn't the best. They threw their normall approaches out of the window and started from scratch with me. Their team of qualified nutritionists helped me every step of the way and even if I messed up they were their just to support me. I couldn't have achieved what I have without them and for me it's not just about the change in body shape, it's the fact I can now go out with my family and not have to worry about what I am eating or feel guilty. I couldn’t recommend the team at The Lyfestyle Project any more highly if I tried."


Not because I feel kind words deserve kind words....but you have been awesome James@The Lyfestyle Project - Cobham Personal Training. I am stronger now than I was in my 20s...(and I am double that age now!!!). I just wish that I knew then what I know now!
So ladies:

Those who have had children...have been more than soft around the is possible!

I would never have thought I would say I am happy with my weight. But I am. I am not perfect, but I have to remember, I am older now. What James has helped me with has been more than just weight loss. But lifestyle of eating and strength, which to be honest was never a priority - but only because I didn't understand what that meant. I doesn't mean bulking up. It doesn't mean only eating protein. I simply feel healthy and energetic. And I feel more importantly like I am achieving for myself. Not my husband or kids. Me.

PS I still love Tony's Chocoloney! And I will still be eating it. (Occassionally!)

PPS Carbs are not a bad thing!”

  • The Lyfestyle Project helped me reach my goals and taught me so much about nutrition to help me continue over time.” - Layana, 8lbs lost and still going
  • James is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have met. He cares about his work and clients so much which is inspiring. James understands that you need to live your life too whilst making it fun- thankyou!” - Emma, 11lbs lost and still going
  • The Lyfestyle Project has helped me no end. I now enjoy going to the gym, the help and guidance provided is not only hugely insightful but also very motivational to help keep me on track! its so much more than anything else currently out there, and is the right mix of everything you need for your personal goals.” - Lucy, lost 5lbs so far and still going
  • I was really struggling with my weight especially working a 8-6 job in London. I reached out to The Lyfestyle Project to help me and show me how to reach my goals in a maintainable way that I could keep it up for life. They were incredible and really transformed my health and fitness. I can’t recommend enough!” - Emily, lost 17lbs
  • I joined The Lyfestyle Project’s Client list in September 2019 with zero confidence that I’d actually lose weight, because I’d tried everything before. Feeling like a flabby 36 year old new mum, unmotivated and upset that I’d lost my pre-baby body. It’s taken 5 months, but, I’ve lost the initial 15lbs I wanted to lose. Down to pre-baby weight. I am happier, stronger, energetic and now I have the bug for more.” - Lauren, lost 15lbs and still going